Weighlog a10
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Weighlog a10

Advanced onboard weighing system, suitable for any loading vehicle

The RDS Weighlog α10 is a user-friendly onboard weighing system that employs the latest touchscreen technology.

The facility to enter a target weight makes the system highly suitable for loading semitrailers, funnels and similar items.

An internal memory of 30 products, 30 customers (or drivers) and 5 preconfigured menus has been developed to assist with producing fodder mixes, handling grain etc.

The system measures the hydraulic pressure in the lifting circuit or the flexion of the boom, depending on the type of machine. The weighing operation itself is usually done dynamically during the lifting motion, but there is also the facility for static weighing at a specific height.


  • Guarantees that vehicles or products are correctly loaded straightaway
  • An aid to making mixes
  • Helps check the weight of incoming goods
  • Increases safety by reducing unnecessary movements
  • No time lost, thanks to dynamic weighing with automatic compensation for the engine’s r.p.m.
  • Traceability of every load


  • Accuracy: + or - 2% of the load
  • Possibility to weigh with 10 different accessories; the parameters of each accessory are programmed in advance.
  • Choice of automatic or manual addition of the weights
  • Automatic compensation for revs per minute
  • Static weighing at a pre-set height
  • Dynamic weighing during the lifting motion with automatic compensation for the engine’s r.p.m.
  • Internal database of 30 customers and products and 5 menus for creating mixes
  • Possibility to connect an RDS printer
  • Possibility to transfer data to PC or laptop via SD cards.
  • Easy-to-read colour touchscreen on which all the essential weighing data can be read:
    • Net weight ‘container per container’
    • Total weight of multiple successive weighings
    • Remaining weight to be loaded...
    • Number of weighings ('bucket count')

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