Loadmaster 800iX
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Loadmaster 800iX

Market-leading, basic onboard weighing system for wheel loaders

The RDS Loadmaster 800iX is an accurate onboard weighing system that can be installed on any type of wheel loader. The system is mainly used for loading lorries, for checking the weight of incoming goods and for all other basic weighing requirements.

The RDS Loadmaster 800iX allows you to enter a target weight and then count down to zero, so that the remaining weight to be loaded is displayed. Of course, you can also start from zero and count up. The RDS Loadmaster 800iX also has a ‘tip-off’ function so that you can easily adjust the final loading movement to arrive at the desired weight.


  • Cuts out superfluous return journeys with vehicles that are loaded to much or too little
  • Reduces queues at the weighbridge
  • Guarantees that vehicles are correctly loaded straightaway
  • Increases on-site safety by reducing unnecessary movements
  • Ensures proper use of the wheel loader
  • Dynamic weighing during lifting means no loss of time


  • Completely new casing made of robust synthetic material
  • Choice of automatic or manual addition of the weights
  • Integrated angle sensor to compensate for the incline the machine is on
  • Integrated temperature sensor that takes account of oil temperature in the lift pistons
  • Possibility to weigh with 8 different accessories; the parameters of each container are programmed in advance.
  • Automatic compensation for revs per minute
  • ‘Tip-off’ function for the last container
  • Accuracy: + or - 2% of the load
  • 2 electronic force sensors
  • Large alpha-numeric display on which all the essential weighing data can be read:
  • Indication of net weight ‘container per container’
  • Total weight of multiple successive containers
  • Remaining weight to be loaded...
  •  ...

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