Weighlog 200
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Weighlog 200

User-friendly onboard weighing system, suitable for freight vehicles with or without a cab

The RDS Weighlog 200 is mainly used on telescopic handlers or small wheel loaders on which pieces of equipment are frequently switched.

A more elaborate version of the RDS Weighlog 100, the RDS Weighlog 200 retains all the advantages of the basic model and provides automatic compensation for lifting speed as well. This means you can weigh even faster and more accurately.

The system measures either the hydraulic pressure in the lifting circuit or the arm flexion (in the case of some telescopic handlers) to produce an accurate calculation of the net weight.


  • Multiple channels: you can weigh everything without having to constantly drive to one specific spot.
  • No time lost, thanks to dynamic weighing with automatic compensation for the engine’s r.p.m.
  • Helps check the weight of incoming goods
  • Outgoing goods are accurately weighed
  • An aid to making feed mixes


  • Easy-to-read LCD screen with back lighting
  • Dynamic weighing during the lifting motion; the engine’s r.p.m. are automatically compensated for
  • Automatic or manual addition of the various successive weighings
  • Completely watertight, so also suitable for loaders that don’t have a cab
  • Facility to weigh with 5 different pieces of auxiliary equipment
  • Possibility to connect an RDS roll printer to get a weighing ticket

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