Axle Load Weighing System
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Er wordt nu op de laatste 100 kg geladen om het optimale rendement te krijgen en niet de problemen dat het terug geblazen hoeft te worden. Ik zal iedereen dit systeem aanbevelen.
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Axle Load Weighing System

The Axle Load Weighing System can measure the various axle loads and the total weight of vehicles such as trucks and trailers. The bellows pressure or degree of flexion is measured left and right by accurate sensors. Intelligent software continuously converts these values into axle load and tonnage. On the wireless reader unit you can simultaneously read the axle loads and total weight with almost 100% accuracy.
It is very convenient not to have to switch, especially when loading time is short. The display gives you all the information at a glance.
Because the system is wireless, you are not restricted to the cab or some other fixed point; you can check and direct the loading process from all around the vehicle.
From above, at the silo controls? Or on the loader? The choice is yours!
This helps you to load to the permitted maximum and increase your return on every cargo.
Thanks to the Axle Load Weighing System, there is no longer any excuse for loading too little. You decide on how much is loaded and the distribution across the axles - thanks to this Axle Load Weighing System. And at the same time, you avoid fines for improper loading.
Because the system is wireless, it is easy to fit. That means you can perform this job for yourself if you wish. Of course, we will give you clear instructions on how to fit it, if you opt for this. But if you prefer to leave it to us, we will be happy to oblige. If you wish, we can take care of the introduction of the system at your company premises. We consider it important that you get a return on your investment.

Unique qualities of the onboard Axle Load Weighing System:

  • All the information at a glance
  • Wireless transmission allows use inside or outside the vehicle
  • Measurement performed on left and right as standard
  • Automatic switching on change of truck or trailer
  • For vehicles with pneumatic, hydraulic or leaf suspension
  • Easy to fit
  • Fast, easy calibration
  • No more need to load too little
  • No more need to return to shed some of the load

Axle Load Weighing System : Accessoires

PrinterThe printer is an Epson TM-U295. To operate it, we use a small computer that can store weights and operate a printer. This computer also receives the weights by wireless transmission. This can be installed at a fixed place in your vehicle, or it can be kept in a case for use in different combinations if desired. It is very easy to operate. The printed slip shoes the tare weight, the gross weight and the net weight, accompanied by the time and date if you wish.

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Axle Load Weighing System : Documentation

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Axle Load Weighing System : Technical info

Diagram of the system’s operationPneumatic suspension is most commonly used in the automotive industry, but of course other methods such as leaf springs, hydraulic suspension and supporting arms are also employed. Golstein Weegsystemen also offers weighing solutions for these types of vehicle.

The Axle Load Measuring System is modular in structure. This makes it possible to put together the right system for any vehicle configuration. Golstein Weegsystemen can measure the axle load on virtually any type of wheel suspension. The most common vehicle configurations and possible applications of the Golstein weighing system are shown below.
Tractor with semitrailer
Tractor with semitrailerAir pressure sensors measure the bellows pressure from the truck’s rear axles(s). The dish ensures that the pressure is always equally distributed over the front and rear axles. This eliminates the need to measure on the front axle. Air pressure sensors are also mounted on the semitrailer to measure the bellows pressure on the right and left sides. See the diagram above.
In the case of a tractor combined with a tipper-trailer, it is possible to measure the hydraulic pressure in the tipping piston instead of on the tractor.
Truck with trailer
Truck with trailerThe load on a leaf-sprung steering axle is measured by gauging the axle’s flexion. The load on the other axles is read by measuring the bellows pressure on the left and right. This is also possible if auxiliary axles are used, such as lift axles, leading and trailing axles, tilting cart etc.
TipperA tipper with leaf springs on the steering axles, pneumatic suspension on the lift axle and leaf-sprung tandem assembly. The axles with leaf springs are fitted with a sensor that measures the degree of flexion. The lift axle with air pressure sensors that measure the bellows pressure. The tandem assembly with a special sensor unit that makes it possible to measure axle pressure on assemblies of this type.
Tractor with carrier
Tractor with carrierTractor with hydraulically sprung carrier. By measuring the hydraulic pressure in the axle suspension, it is possible to determine the weight in the carrier. If the carrier is also equipped with shaft suspension, you can measure the hydraulic pressure in this as well.
Light lorry
Light lorry The front axles of light lorries come in a variety of constructions, from a MacPherson strut to torsion bar suspension. A sensor unit has been developed to measure the amount of pressure on these various wheel suspension systems. The rear axle usually has leaf spring suspension. The axle load is read by measuring the compression on this axle.
This only represents a sample of the possible vehicle configurations. Please feel free to call us if you want more information. We will be happy to help you assemble the right weighing solution for your vehicle.
Manual for Axle Load Measuring SystemDownload
Manual for Axle Load Measuring System with Printer
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