Axle Load Weighing System
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Axle Load Weighing System

The axle load weighing system measures all axles very accurately and displays this in an orderly manner on a single screen, together with the total weight. As a result, you are able to continuously maintain the overview during the loading and to exercise control on that basis. This gives you the possibility of loading the correct maximum weight in one go at the loading site, well-distributed over the axles.

Because the system is wireless, you have all the desired information available in the correct place. For example: above at the controls of the silo, or around the vehicle.  The choice is yours. And as result, you are - or your driver is - able to adequately load the correct weight!

In addition, each load can be stored in successive shifts. These shifts have a start date and time, total overview, end date and time. So you by project, by client or plot has all the weights.
These shifts and stored weights are down lead through an app, but there is also a print to be made.
In addition, it simply remains possible by load to print a receipt.

What have this system?

• Take-off weight
• Net Weight
• Save Weight Shift
• Save multiple weights per shift
• Shift with starting date and time, and end date and time
• Print stored weights per shift
• Printing of weighing note by cargo

This system provides added value to your customers. And can choose to have a list available of transported cargoes with tonnages.

What does this yield you?
  • Maximum no. of kilos disbursed! On every shipment!(the last kilos are 100 % profit)
  • Time savings, because your driver loads the correct, maximum weight in one go and no longer  needs to drive back and forth to the weighbridge to check.

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