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Axle Load Indicator

With the Axle Load Indicator, you can easily detect axle overloading.

Accurate sensors measure the bellows pressure both right and left. Intelligent software then converts the measured bellows pressure into axle load. When a pre-set value is reached (e.g. 80% axle load) the LED indicator starts to flash slowly. The LED flashes increasingly rapidly as the axle load continues to increase until this reaches the next pre-set value such as 100% axle load. At this point onward, the LED indicator shines continuously.

As an option, this can be supplemented with an audible signal in the form of a buzzer that can be switched off. The Axle Load Indicator can be mounted in the cab or on the outside of the vehicle in a robust, watertight casing.

When you want to know exactly whether your vehicle is overloaded, this Axle Load Indicator is a handy and reliable tool, helping you to avoid exceeding the maximum axle load and consequently any fines that could result from that.

The advantages

  • Highly accurate overloading detection
  • Practical and easy to use
  • Avoid fines for overloading

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Diagram of the system’s operation
Diagram of the system’s operation
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