These systems we manufacture in-house. This offers the possibility to directly respond to needs in the market. So we can offer a system for virtually every type of vehicle. For each type of chassis we have the right sensors. In order to achieve optimal weighing result.

Weighing System

Wireless handheld receiver - important information on one simple screen

The weighing system measures distributed throughout the vehicle precisely the weight and brings it together on one easy screen. Which both the distribution, the total weight and net weight can be read off.
In addition, each load can be stored in successive shifts. These shifts have a start date and time, total overview, end date and time. So you by project, by client or plot has all the weights.
These shifts and stored weights are down lead through an app, but there is also a print to be made.
In addition, it simply remains possible by load to print a receipt.
What does all this system?

• Take-off weight
• Net Weight
• Save Weight Shift
• Save multiple weights per shift
• Shift with starting date and time, and end date and time
• Print stored weights per shift
• Printing of weighing note by cargo

This system provides added value to your customers. And can choose to have a list available of transported cargoes with tonnages.