Privacy policy of Golstein Weegsystemen

Golstein Weegsystemen applies the following privacy policy concerning the use of its website(s)

Golstein Weegsystemen will never use information about visitors to its websites to send offers of products or services (direct marketing, email spam etc.) Golstein Weegsystemen does not make details about visitors to its websites available to third parties.

Where technical aspects of a retrieval, click, display, search or similar are mentioned, these refer to: retrieved URL, IP number, time, HTTP referrer URL (sometimes including your search terms on a search engine), user-agent string, browser type, screen size and similar. We do not check (even if that were possible) who is using a certain IP number at a certain moment, so we do not trace this data to you as an individual.

Golstein Weegsystemen does not record individual personal data relating (for example) to religion, personal beliefs, race or ethnicity, health, sexual orientation or preference, political orientation or membership of a trade association.

Viruses and security
This website is regularly checked for (computer) viruses. However, we regret we cannot guarantee that it is free of viruses that might affect the operation of your computer and/or software, When handling personal data, Golstein Weegsystemen always maintains a level of security deemed adequate, given the current state of technology, to prevent the loss, modification or publication of personal data or unauthorised access to it.

This website may also contain links to other sites. Golstein Weegsystemen is in no way responsible for the content or use of these websites or for the consequences that may ensue from visiting a website linked to this site.

Email sent by Golstein Weegsystemen
The information that Golstein Weegsystemen sends by email is intended solely for the addressed recipient. Use of this information by persons other than the addressed recipient is not permitted. Reproduction, publication, distribution and/or passing on this information to third parties is not permitted. Golstein Weegsystemen cannot guarantee the correct and complete transmission of the content of the email it sends, or that it will be promptly received. No rights may be derived in any way from the information sent to you.

Golstein Weegsystemen retains all rights/copyright to the content of this website, i.e. all text, images or information in other forms. No information on this website, regardless of the way it is manifested (e.g. text, images or software), is to be modified, reproduced, transported or distributed without prior written permission from Golstein Weegsystemen.

The Golstein Weegsystemen website
Golstein Weegsystemen values your interest in our products and your visit to our website. Although we constantly make every effort to keep the information on this website as accurate and up-to-date as possible, we reserve the right at all times to make changes to models, versions, technical specifications, images or other information on this site. For that reason, no rights may be derived in any way from the content of the website.

Web visits and searches 
When you visit our website(s), the technical attributes of your page retrievals and searches are recorded on our servers in the form of log files. This data is kept purely for the purpose of statistical analysis. We do not check (even if that were possible) who is using a certain IP number at a certain moment, so we do not trace this data to you as an individual.

When you subscribe to or unsubscribe from one of our newsletters, the technical attributes of your transaction are saved, together with your email address, for a number of months. Also, your email address is kept in the subscriber list solely for the purpose of sending you the relevant newsletter for the full duration of the subscription. You are free to use, if you wish, an email address that cannot be used to identify you. You can unsubscribe from any of our newsletters at any time in a reasonable manner, as indicated at the bottom of each edition of the relevant newsletter. If you do not succeed in unsubscribing in this way, we will remove you from the subscriber list (by way of exception) on receipt of a written request to that effect.

Contact forms and email
When you complete and send a contact, registration or information form on one of our websites, or send us an email, we save the information you send to us together with the technical attributes as long as necessary or reasonable (depending on the nature of your form or message) to allow us to fully answer or deal with your message, or give an explanation in response to it. In addition, your message may be saved in our email archive, where it may be held for 7 years in line with back-up procedures and our statutory duty to retain documentation.

Participation in the interactive parts of our websites
When you participate in interactive parts of our websites (e.g. a forum, membership site or electronic learning environment) that require registration and a log-in, you are free to add personal details to your profile, your signature, the messages you enter and so on. This data is kept indefinitely, displayed in the relevant part of the website and made accessible by means of search engines. You make this data public yourself, and this is your own responsibility. You are equally free, on registration, to adopt a pseudonym or nickname, to enter fictional personal details (or none) and to place messages on a purely anonymous basis. Only by way of exception will the details you enter be removed or made anonymous, upon receipt of a written request to that effect stating the reasons why this is reasonable and important.

When you register for activities or services provided by Golstein Weegsystemen (such as a learning package with access to an electronic learning environment, a training session or a similar gathering) for which you may be expected to provide true personal details, Golstein Weegsystemen will use this data only for the relevant purpose (including our business operations, communication concerning the activity, the implementation of the activity, invoicing and financial statements, statutory duty to retain documentation and similar).

Policy on cookies 
You can find Golstein Weegsystemen’s policy on cookies in the menu under the heading ‘Policy on cookies’.

Exceptions: abuse, obligations 
When, in our judgement, there is a question of abuse or improper use of our facilities, we can deny access to certain IP numbers and/or email addresses indefinitely. In the case of forms of abuse where the interests of third parties are harmed, we can make the relevant information available to these third parties. In the event of abuse, we may make attempts to trace the data to your person in order (for example) to contact you, your parent, your legal guardian, your teacher, your supervisor, your superior, your head of department or similar, or to report your conduct to the authorities, or to make a legal claim against you. Golstein Weegsystemen will make data available when obliged to do so by the authorities.

Inspecting, changing or deleting personal data 
Golstein Weegsystemen wishes to be transparent about the way we handle your personal data. We aim to contribute to this with this policy on privacy and cookies. However, if you have any questions regarding the way Golstein Weegsystemen handles your personal data, you can always send us a written request.

As soon as possible after receiving your request, Golstein Weegsystemen will terminate the use of your data for the purpose you are appealing against. In the case of a request for the amendment or deletion of data, the relevant personal data will be amended or deleted unless and insofar as the law obliges Golstein Weegsystemen to retain the relevant personal data, or unless there are (other) pressing reasons for resisting deletion.

Sending a request to Golstein Weegsystemen
A written request to Golstein Weegsystemen (in connection with our privacy policy) can in principle be sent by email or using the contact form. However, due to the numerous abuses of online communication (including spam by form and by email), we cannot guarantee that a request will reach us via these channels. Furthermore, experience shows that online requests are frequently incomplete or not carefully drafted, omitting information that we need to deal with them properly. We can therefore only guarantee an appropriate response to an actual written request; in other words, a decent letter, typed or legibly handwritten on paper, stating the sender’s name and address, dated and signed, containing a clear request furnished with all the necessary information and sent by post to our office address: Golstein Weegsystemen, Hamsestraat 9-C, 4043 LE Opheusden, The Netherlands.

Golstein Weegsystemen reserves the right to modify its privacy policy. Golstein Weegsystemen therefore recommends that you check this page regularly to see whether amendments have been implemented. If any substantial changes have been made, this will be clearly indicated on the website.

The privacy policy was last changed on 24-01-2013.
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