Golstein Weegsystemen policy on cookies

Golstein Weegsystemen applies the following policy on cookies concerning the use of its website(s) www.golstein-weegsystemen.nl.

Policy on cookies
The following explains how our website puts cookies on your computer, tablet and/or mobile telephone (referred to hereinafter as ‘peripherals’) and reads information from them. This section also tells you for what purposes the collected information is used.

What are cookies?
Cookies are small pieces of (text) information. When you visit the website, they are sent to your browser and then stored on the hard drive or in the memory of the peripheral. The browser can send this information back to the website the next time you visit it. The cookies cannot harm your peripheral or the files stored on it.

Cookies from Golstein Weegsystemen

Functional cookies
Golstein Weegsystemen inserts functional cookies. These cookies are needed to enable us to give you the services you are looking for. They ensure that you don’t have to log in again for each new page once you have logged into the website. They also remember which products you have put in your ‘shopping basket’ and the forms you complete on the website.

Session cookies
As well as the functional cookies, Golstein Weegsystemen inserts cookies that are only stored on your peripherals for a limited time. These cookies are deleted automatically as soon as you close your web browser. These ‘session cookies’ are used to chart your surfing patterns on the website during a specific visit. Using these cookies, Golstein Weegsystemen can adapt the data on the website to meet visitors’ requirements.

Permanent cookies
Golstein Weegsystemen also inserts cookies that remain on your peripheral for longer periods These ensure that your peripheral is recognised by the website at your next visit. They enable Golstein Weegsystemen to display the website in a way that is adapted to your specific preferences. Because your preferences have already been set, this saves you time when you visit the website again and makes for more convenient use of it.

Golstein Weegsystemen also uses permanent cookies to track your surfing patterns. With the aid of these tracking cookies, Golstein Weegsystemen records your surfing patterns on the website and can use them to make offers targeted specifically at your needs. Tracking cookies can also be used to record which other Golstein Weegsystemen websites you visit as well as this one. Golstein Weegsystemen can use this information to display adverts that are appropriate to your specific requirements.

Reading information without cookies
As well as inserting cookies, Golstein Weegsystemen reads information from your browser and peripheral without inserting a cookie. In this way, Golstein Weegsystemen collects information on the (technical) characteristics of your peripheral and the software you use, such as the type of operating system, browser settings, installed plug-ins, time zone and screen size. Golstein Weegsystemen uses this information to track your surfing pattern.

Third-party cookies
Apart from the cookies that Golstein Weegsystemen inserts itself, third-party cookies are also placed on your peripheral via the website. Golstein Weegsystemen has no control or authority over the use of these cookies or how third parties use the information collected via these cookies. Golstein Weegsystemen only supplies the platform that enables use of these third-party cookies. Golstein Weegsystemen draws your attention to the fact that other, third-party conditions may be applicable to the use of the information thereby collected. The following gives a summary of the types of third-party cookie that are placed via the website.

Adverts from third parties are displayed on the website. Displaying these adverts ensures that you can continue to use the website without charge. Permanent cookies are placed on your peripheral via these adverts. The primary aim of these cookies is to establish which adverts you have already seen so that you are not constantly confronted with the same ones.

A secondary aim of these cookies is to track your surfing pattern and build up a profile of it. This enables the advertiser to recognise your peripheral if you navigate to another website where it also has adverts placed. Based on the built-up profile of your surfing pattern, the advertiser can make offers specifically applicable to you.

Google Analytics
To collect web statistics on the use of the website and visits to it, Golstein Weegsystemen makes use of Google Analytics. Google Analytics places a permanent cookie on your peripheral and this is used to record your use of the website. Google then analyses this data and gives the results to Golstein Weegsystemen. This gives Golstein Weegsystemen an insight into how the website is used. Based on this data, it can make any necessary changes to the website or its services.

Google may pass this information to third parties if legally obliged to do so and/or if third parties process the information on Google’s behalf. Google can use the information for other Google services.

Social plugins
Via the website, access may be offered to various social media, including (but not restricted to) Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. Using these ‘social plugins’ you can share the information on the website with others or recommend it to them. Third-party cookies are placed on your peripheral via the social plugins. These may be cookies intended to optimise your convenience, but there may also be tracking cookies that are used to follow your surfing pattern over multiple websites and to build up a profile of your surfing pattern.

As well as giving access to social media, the website may also display videos originating from third-party websites, including YouTube. These third parties mainly place cookies that make it possible to display these videos to you. In addition, tracking cookies may be placed that are used to follow your surfing pattern over multiple websites and to build up a profile of your surfing pattern.

Deleting cookies
You can withdraw your permission given to Golstein Weegsystemen to insert and read from first and third party cookies at any time, either by configuring your browser so that it does not accept cookies or by deleting all the cookies that have already been placed.

Do remember that deleting cookies may result in certain parts of the website failing to work optimally or possibly altogether.

Golstein Weegsystemen reserves the right to modify its cookie policy. Golstein Weegsystemen therefore recommends that you check this page regularly to see whether amendments have been implemented. If any substantial changes have been made, this will be clearly indicated on the website.

The cookie policy was last changed on 24-01-2013.
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